Anxiety and Fear

Ron Loumeau sent his step-daughter to Hypnotherapy for her anxiety and found relief after just a few sessions.

Having been a business owner and sales director he is amazed how easy it is, through Hypnotherapy, to get rid of their fears and hang-ups. 

Childbirth and Post-Partum Emotions

Emma Smoot, now a graduate of the Certified Hypnotherapy Training School, first used hypnosis for a peaceful and calm childbirth without the use of drugs.

After having the baby she struggled with post-partum issues and worked through those as well.


Focus, Pain Management, Weight Loss, and Behavior Modification.

Michael Olson first used Hypnotherapy for himself and found he was more focused on his day to day tasks.

Now, as a Massage Therapist and personal trainer, he uses hypnotherapy with his clients for pain management, weight loss, and behavior modification.

Public Speaking, Fear of Crashing, and Weight Loss

Kate Hadley has struggled with public speaking and a phobia while driving that she would get in a car accident. 

Using Hypnotherapy and Positive Mind Management she overcame her fears and now wants to work with doctors helping patients with pain management.

Her mother has also found success using recorded Hypnosis CD's for weight loss.